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December 2016 - Posts

  • DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler Enhanced! - (coming soon in v16.2)

    The DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler control is getting some big enhancements for the v16.2 release.

    As much as we’ve tried over the years, a good scheduler control is not as simple or light as a button. There’s just a lot more “stuff” to take care of and display. Consequently, at the beginning of 2016, we decided that it was high time to start improving our scheduler control's appearance and performance.

    I'm happy to say that we've achieved both and your end-users will be delighted.

    1. UI Enhancements

    Let's start with UI enhancements because they're the first thing that you'll notice. For v16.2, the DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler control features:

    • A new lightweight layout for appointments
    • Updated color scheme for appointment resources
    • Appointment selection status is now indicated by the appointment’s opacity for modern web themes
    • Time cell background color has been modified for modern web themes. White is used for work time cells. Light Gray is used for free time cells. You can also specify which portion of a grouped view to fill with resource color: time cells, resource headers or both

    These UI enhancements look great, check out the Scheduler with these upcoming changes:

    To see the difference, compare these two images of v16.1 (left) and v16.2 (right):

    2. Performance w/client-side rendering

    The performance of our scheduler has also been enhanced significantly with use of client-side rendering improvements:

    • The Scheduler's client receives required data in JSON and updates its view accordingly across all end-user operations that do not require updates to the Scheduler’s layout (e.g., navigation between dates or resources).
    • Client-side rendering speeds up web app execution because it reduces the amount of markup produced on the server.

    We've tested the difference and you'll be pleased to know that overall performance and feel of the DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler control has increased. Check out these charts to see the measurements:

    Scheduler – Render size of two controls w/o appointments

    Scheduler – Appointment update time

    Scheduler – Change date time

    Scheduler – Active view change time

    3. Time Ruler & Day Header Highlighting

    With this release, our ASP.NET Scheduler Control can now highlight coordinates of the currently selected time interval within its time ruler and day headers:

    What do you think of the DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler control's enhancements for v16.2 release? Drop me a line below.


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  • DevExpress ASP.NET GridView Enhancements for v16.2 (coming soon)

    Our flagship ASP.NET control, the DevExpress ASP.NET GridView, is getting some great UI improvements for the v16.2 release. Your end-users will be delighted that their favorite GridView control now provides a few useful client-side interactions and we've also improved its accessibility support.

    Client-Side Processing of Column Alignment

    Our ASP.NET Grid Control now offers an alternative client "column alignment" processing mode. In this mode, when an end-user moves a grid column using drag-and-drop, the GridView re-renders itself to reflect new layout changes on the client side without initiating a round trip to the server.

    Postponed Column Resizing

    With our v16.2 release, your web app can now postpone column resizing. By default (Live resizing), the DevExpress ASP.NET Grid is redrawn continuously as an end-user drags a column. When using our new Postponed mode, column resizing is visually indicated by a resizable frame, while the grid itself is redrawn only after resize operations have been completed. This new mode is also available in our ASP.NET TreeList Control.

    Highlight Removed Rows (Batch Edit Mode)

    In previous versions, when an end-user deleted a data row with batch edit mode enabled, the deleted row was hidden from view. With this release, deleted rows are not hidden and instead marked with the specified color. We've also added a Recover command that cancels the delete operation.

    This new feature is also available in our Vertical Grid and Card View Controls.

    Banded Columns - End-User Layout Customization

    End-users can now create multi-line column layouts using drag and drop operations:

    Accessibility Enhancements

    For the Accessibility enhancements, I want to thank those customers who called us to task to improve our accessibility support and for working with us to improve it.

    This release incorporates a number of accessibility specific enhancements so you can deliver accessible web applications for people with disabilities - including those who use assistive technologies such as screen readers. The rendering of our ASP.NET Grid Controls has been improved by adding WAI-ARIA attributes to identify features and elements for user interaction. The following grid features and UI elements support assistive technologies and can be identified and read by screen readers:

    • Batch edit mode (GridView, CardView, VerticalGrid);
    • Header filter popup (GridView, CardView, VerticalGrid);
    • Page size selector (all controls with the built-in pager);
    • In-callback updates (improved notification).
    • Our new client-side API allows you to send custom messages that can then be read by screen readers.

    Fixed Column Enhancements

    Last but not least, we've improved the functionality of fixed columns within our ASP.NET Grid Control so you can provide complex layouts. The following layout features are now fully compatible with fixed columns:

    • Grouping
    • Detail rows
    • Previews
    • Filter, footer and data row templates
    • Edit form
    • Error row

    Which of the enhancements to the DevExpress ASP.NET GridView Control are you most excited about? Drop me a line below.


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    Year after year, .NET developers such as yourself consistently vote DevExpress products #1.

    Experience the DevExpress difference for yourself and download a free 30-day trial of all our products today: (free support is included during your evaluation).


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