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Mehul Harry is the DevExpress Web Program Manager. Follow him on twitter: @Mehulharry

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January 2017 - Posts

  • ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit - Support for VS2017 RC

    The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit installer now supports the release candidate of Visual Studio 2017. And we'd like your help to test our installer and give us your feedback.

    ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit installing into VS2017 RC

    Visual Studio 2017 RC

    Microsoft announced the release candidate for Visual Studio 2017 in November 2016. The new Visual Studio 2017 RC provides feature updates and improvements.


    If you've installed Visual Studio 2017 RC then please download the installer:

    ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit v17 Preview for VS 2017 RC

    Note: This preview installer will only work with VS2017 RC and not with the release versions. For the stable version that works with Visual Studio release versions, please check here. This preview install is up to date with this commit.


    Download this preview and then give us your feedback on GitHub.

    Try DevExpress ASP.NET

    We’d like to thank you for installing the DevExpress Edition of the AJAX Control Toolkit and look forward to your feedback as you begin using it.

    When we took over the fabulous ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, our goal was to reach those web developers who want to use great web user interface controls for their web projects and DevExpress ASP.NET provides that and much more.

    Try the free DevExpress 30 day trial.


    Twitter: @mehulharry

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  • DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap Preview - Available now (v16.2.4)

    It's finally here! The DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap controls preview that many of you been waiting for is now available to download and try in your ASP.NET WebForms project.

    Please note: This is release is a CTP (community technology preview) and we are looking for your feedback.

    Install v16.2.4

    This preview of our upcoming Bootstrap controls is available with the 16.2.4 minor release.

    After installing, you'll have the new DevExpress Bootstrap controls available in your Visual Studio toolbox. You can start experimenting with them in the same way that you used our classic ASP.NET Web Forms controls.

    There is also a "Bootstrap Web Site" Web Application template now available in the DevExpress Template Gallery:

    DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap Preview

    Use this template to get started and create a basic web site powered by DevExpress Bootstrap controls.

    If you're a fan of NuGet, there's a DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap NuGet package too.

    What's New?

    Since we first published the Bootstrap Controls demos, we have extended the suite with a couple of additional controls.

    1. Tab Control and Page Control

    The Tab Control and Page Control allow you to provide a tabbed UI to your web application pages. The Tab Control is used to only display tabs, while the Page Control allows you to associate specific page content with each separate tab.

    DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap: Tab Control

    The tabs are rendered using the Bootstrap's native nav-tabs CSS class.

    2. Spin Edit

    The Spin Edit control is intended for editing numeric values. This control displays a text editor with spin buttons that an end-user can click on to increment or decrement the displayed value.

    DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap: Spin Edit Control

    3. Progress Bar

    The Progress Bar control allows you to provide a visual indication for the status of some process. The Progress Bar control is rendered using the Bootstrap's native progress CSS class.

    DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap: Progress Bar

    4. GridView updated

    We also updated our Bootstrap Grid View control with new column types to display specific kinds of data, namely Progress Bar, Spin Edit and Hyperlink columns:

    DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap: Progress Bar Column

    5. Accessibility Support

    We have provided the support for accessibility, which is now active by default. This feature will help you make your web applications more accessible by rendering additional aria-* attributes providing complementary information about various visual elements within the web application's pages. This information can be utilized by various assistive technology products (such as text-to-speech software, or screen magnifiers) to make your web application more accessible to people with disabilities. Additionally, the accessibility feature provides an enhanced keyboard navigation mechanism to ensure that an end-user will always be able to interact with your web application's interface solely using keyboard input.

    Note that while our classic ASP.NET controls require you to explicitly enable semantic rendering via the accessibilityCompliant property, Bootstrap controls have these accessibility features enabled by default (the accessibilityCompliant setting only affects rendering of complementary role and aria-* attributes).

    Online Demos

    In November 2016, we published the early version of our ASP.NET Bootstrap controls demos. Since then, we've improved them so be sure to take a look:

    DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap Controls - Online Demos


    The DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap controls are new and still in development. That means only a few of them are available at present, and with a limited set of features when compared to classic DevExpress ASP.NET controls.

    With that in mind, please help us answer the following questions in the comments below:

    1. Which controls would you like to see in the DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap controls suite?
    2. What features do you need from the upcoming Bootstrap controls that exist in the classic ASP.NET controls?


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  • Angular 2 now officially supported with DevExtreme v16.2.4

    The DevExtreme v16.2.4 release is now available and with it comes the official support for the Angular 2 framework.

    This means that you can use:

    • Angular CLI and Webpack that help you to bootstrap a new project and quickly add the powerful DevExtreme widgets
    • Other package managers like SystemJS and Rollup
    • DevExtreme Validation - All built-in DevExtreme validation features are now available inside the DevExtreme Angular 2 components
    • New Configuration Components - we've introduced two types of configuration components. The first type provides a convenient and efficient way for binding ‘deep’ properties. The second type allows you to declare collection property items (e.g. DataGrid columns, TabPanel tabs, etc.) via markup

    Webinar - To learn more about Angular and DevExtreme, please register for my upcoming webinar: Getting started with Angular 2 and DevExtreme Widgets

    New Angular Demo

    To help you visualize the powerful ways in which you can use DevExtreme and Angular, we've created a version of our 'Golf Club' demo.

    Try the demo online here:

    Download the source from GitHub:

    What's new

    Major issues fixed:

    Known issues:

    Try Angular 2 and DevExtreme

    To get started using the versatile DevExtreme widgets with Angular 2, please take a look at the GitHub project page.

    Then, drop me a line below with your thoughts, thanks.

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