How to Easily Search DevExpress Documentation from Visual Studio

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13 February 2017

In the 16.2.4 release, we've added a new Visual Studio extension that helps you to easily lookup the online DevExpress Documentation at: or

This gives you the benefit of accessing DevExpress documentation through Visual Studio without having to install the documentation into your local hard drive.

A few releases ago, we separated out the documentation from our main DXperience installation to reduce file size and improve the installation experience.

Now with this new 'help lookup' extension, you can use the handy 'F1' help lookup key in Visual Studio and it will use the online search without local documentation installed.

Here's how it works when you click a DevExpress API member (property, field, etc) and then press 'F1'. Click the play button below the image:


Download and install the DXperience v16.2.4 release and this new extension will be available in your Visual Studio.

This extension works with Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2017 RC.

Using the extension

Set Visual Studio's Help Preference to 'Launch in Browser': use HELP –> Set Help Preference –> Launch in Browser menu item:

Visual Studio Help Preference Launch in browser

To make sure this feature is set, you may need to switch this setting from 'Launch in Help Viewer' and then back to 'Launch in Browser'.

Now when you write code that uses DevExpress API and press F1 on different API members (namespaces, classes, interfaces, enums, methods, properties, events, fields), you'll be directed to the help topic online!


Currently, the extension works only with code editors and in the standard 'Properties' window. We plan to support the DevExpress designers later.

If you find any issues or have any feedback about this new extension then please contact our team and let us know.

What do you think about the DevExpress Visual Studio online help extension? Drop me a comment below, or tweet me.


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