ASP.NET and MVC Subscription - v18.2 and What You Can Expect in mid-November

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18 September 2018

Check out this list of upcoming v18.2 release features that we're working on for our ASP.NET product line. We've also prepared a special v18.2 CTP with online demos that you can see in your browser now.

If you are an active Universal subscriber and would like to test our most recent features prior to official release, please email our support team at or create a private support ticket in the DevExpress Support Center. Once we verify that you own an active Universal Subscription, we'll get you access to the v18.2 CTP. Feel free to test any of the following features and share your feedback with us!

WebForms and MVC

ASP.NET Spreadsheet and MVC Spreadsheet Extension

Pivot Table

Pivot Tables allow end-users to calculate, categorize and analyze data within a worksheet. Our ASP.NET and MVC Spreadsheet's pivot table displays a summary table that breaks the data into categories and calculates subtotals without entering any formulas.

    Available in CTP:

Cross sheet formula editing

End-users can now use cell values from other sheets to create formulas for the active sheet.

ASP.NET Rich Text Edit / MVC Rich Text Edit Extension

Simple View

Our new Simple View mode displays documents while ignoring the page's layout. In this mode, the control adjusts the document so that it occupies the control's entire content area.

    Available in CTP:

ASP.NET Calendar and ASP.NET DateEdit / MVC Calendar and DateEdit Extensions

Month-Year Picker

You can now specify which control view (days, months, years, centuries) an end-user can use to navigate and to select dates.

    Available in CTP:

ASP.NET Bootstrap


Data Binding

Each layout item contains a DevExpress data editor that allows users to edit values of the corresponding field type. If no items are specified explicitly, the Form Layout control automatically generates layout items with suitable editors for each data field.

    Available in CTP:

New Bootstrap File Manager control

    Available in CTP:

New Bootstrap Ribbon Control

    Available in CTP:

Bootstrap GridView

Scrolling and Paging

Our upcoming release will include a number of highly popular scrolling/paging modes:

  • Vertical scrolling

  • Horizontal scrolling

  • Virtual paging

  • Endless paging

  • Fixed columns

      Available in CTP:

Bootstrap CardView

Scrolling and Paging

Like our Bootstrap GridView, our CardView will be updated to support the following scrolling/paging modes:

  • Vertical scrolling

  • Endless paging

  • Endless paging on Page Scroll

      Available in CTP:

Features We'll Release in November

WebForms and MVC

ASP.NET GridView / MVC GridView Extension

Callback Support in Batch Edit mode

Callbacks won't cause unsaved data loss in Batch Edit mode. End-users need not save data to execute sorting, filtering, paging, grouping and similar operations. For example, end-users can edit cells on several data pages and then update data within a single callback.

Preview Changes in Batch Edit

Inserted, edited and deleted rows can be previewed and modified before data is saved in Batch Edit mode. The ASP.NET GridView displays only modified rows in Preview mode. This mode is useful when multiple modified rows exist across different data pages.

Improved Adaptivity in Fixed Table Layout Mode

MinWidth and MaxWidth properties will be added to ASP.NET GridView columns to improve column adaptivity when fixed table layout mode is enabled.

ASP.NET CardView / MVC CardView Extension


End-users can group the DevExpress ASP.NET CardView by one or multiple data columns.

ASP.NET Scheduler / MVC Scheduler Extension

Performance Enhancements

Based on customization settings and the current view, performance has been improved by 1.25 – 2.8 times in Edge, 1.1 – 2.6 times in Chrome.

Appointment Tooltip for Mobile

To use screen space more efficiently, an appointment tooltip will be displayed at bottom of the screen on mobile devices.

View Visible Interval Navigator Adaptivity

This will improve the View Navigator's customization and adaptivity features. Take a look at this image to see a mockup.

Floating Action Button

This button provides quick access to the most popular Web Scheduler user actions. The actions in the button differ based on current context (a selected appointment, a view).

ASP.NET PivotGrid and MVC PivotGrid Extension

Unbound Column for OLAP Data Source

In v18.2, we will introduce an Unbound Column for Web Pivot Grids connected to OLAP Data Source via code. You can create an Unbound Column, assign an MDX expression string to it, and the column will be calculated via Analysis Services.

Pivot Grid In-memory Data Processing Performance

We continue to improve the Pivot Grid's in-memory data processing. The following features are now processed by the pivot grid in Optimized Mode:

  • Custom Types
  • Custom Totals
  • UseNativeTypeForAggregates
  • CustomSummary event (not available in CTP)
  • CustomGroupInterval event (not available in CTP)
  • Legacy TopN (not available in CTP)
  • CustomUnboundFieldData event (not available in CTP)
  • Case-sensitive data binding (not available in CTP)

ASP.NET and MVC Web Chart Control

Advanced Pane Layout

ASP.NET Diagram Pane items now support a tabular layout mode. Every Pane will include a title element and an expand/collapse button that allows you to maximize a specific chart region. With this feature, it will be easier to build dashboard-like layouts by grouping Series into separate Panes and maximize a Series group at runtime.

Crosshair Panel Improvements

It is now possible to display Indicator data in the Crosshair Panel.

ASP.NET FileManager and ASP.NET UploadControl / MVC FileManager and UploadControl

OneDrive and Google Drive Support

You can now manage files and folders in One Drive and Google Drive via our ASP.NET and MVC File Manager. Upload Control provides direct upload to both cloud storage mediums.

ASP.NET ComboBox and ASP.NET TokenBox / MVC ComboBox and TokenBox Extensions

Server Mode data source support

Both components support LinqServerModeDataSource, EntityServerModeDataSource or XpoDataSource data sources. Server Mode will function much as it does in the DevExpress ASP.NET/MVC GridView

ASP.NET Menu and ASP.NET NavBar / MVC Menu and NavBar Extensions

Collapse to images

To help reduce control width when the browser screen is too narrow, our ASP.NET Menu and NavBar hide item text and only display item icons.

ASP.NET WebForms and MVC Adaptive Project Template

All pages within our adaptive project templates now have adaptive layout. This template provides a quick start for mobile applications development.

ASP.NET Bootstrap

New Bootsrap Spreadsheet Control

New Bootstrap Rich Text Edit Control


Data annotation Attributes

The following data annotation attributes will be supported:

  • BrowsableAttribute
  • RequiredAttribute
  • RegularExpressionAttribute
  • RangeAttribute
  • DisplayFormatAttribute
  • DisplayAttribute
  • DataTypeAttribute


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The following free DevExpress product offers remain available. Should you have any questions about the free offers below, please submit a ticket via the DevExpress Support Center at your convenience. We'll be happy to follow-up.
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