ASP.NET and MVC GridView - Improved adaptivity in Fixed Table Layout (v18.2)

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02 November 2018

The venerable DevExpress ASP.NET GridView control provides several great adaptive and responsive features. With this release, we've extended the layout customization capabilities of the DevExpress ASP.NET GridView in Fixed Table Layout mode. This brings you the following benefits:

  • Improved adaptivity in Fixed Table Mode
  • Better use of a column's free space
  • New column width settings

Take a look at this animation to see the difference from the previous release:

DevExpress ASP.NET GridView - Fixed Table Layout - Improved Adaptivity

Min/Max Column Width

Typically, the GridView's responsive logic will hide columns that cannot fit on the screen. However, in the GIF above, we can see several enhancements:

  • the command and data columns are displayed even when the GridView's width is reduced and
  • when the width is enlarged, the GridView does not increase the numerical columns either

These layout customization adjustments are possible because we've added new column settings:

  • MaxWidth - The maximum width setting can be used to set up a column layout for large screen sizes like desktop web browsers. When the GridView is wide, you can limit the maximum width of certain columns

  • MinWidth - The minimum width setting is useful for responsive design. As mentioned above, the GridView's responsive logic may hide columns during resizing. To help prevent column hiding during this process then please use the MinWidth property to set custom "minimum" widths. Use the AllowHideDataCellsByColumnMinWidth property to specify whether the grid should hide a column if its width is less than the MinWidth value.

What are your thoughts on the DevExpress ASP.NET GridView's improvements? Drop me a line below, thanks!

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