ASP.NET MVC - New Stand-Alone Filter Control (v18.2)

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16 November 2018

If you've used our ASP.NET MVC GridView then you've likely experienced the integrated Filter Control. Unfortunately, due to various priorities, a stand-alone version was only available for the ASP.NET WebForms suite of controls.

Good news, the long-awaited DevExpress ASP.NET Filter Control is now available as a stand-alone ASP.NET MVC extension! The Filter Control allows your end-users to build filter criteria of any complexity and apply the filter to any data component or data model.

As a stand-alone control, you can use to filter other DevExpress MVC controls and also position the Filter Control anywhere on your MVC views.

Here's the stand-alone DevExpress MVC Filter Control with the DevExpress MVC GridView in action:

DevExpress ASP.NET MVC - Stand Alone Filter Control

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What are your thoughts on the new DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Stand-Alone Filter Control? Drop me a line below, thanks!

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