ASP.NET and MVC Rich Text Edit - Simple View / Web Layout (Available Now)

21 March 2019

The DevExpress ASP.NET Rich Text Edit control for WebForms and MVC provides your end-users with powerful Word-Like UI and functionality. In the latest release, we introduced a new view mode for this control, let's take a look.

Simple View Mode

You can now view documents in a new mode called 'Simple View'. As the name implies, this mode provides a simple layout where the document is not split across multiple pages, nor does it have margins, headers, or footers. In essence, it's similar to a simple web layout.


The 'Simple View' mode provides advantages for both mobile and desktop browsers:


Without the extra items like margins, headers, and footers, the document's content will become responsive and therefore adjust the width to the viewing area. This is especially handy for mobile devices:

ASP.NET and MVC Rich Text Edit - Simple View / Web Layout

Adaptive Memo-Style

You can also convert the powerful control into a simple memo-style control. This means while the UI is simple, you still have the rich formatting capabilities of the Rich Text Edit control.

To enable memo-style, set the Rich Text Edit control's RibbonMode="None" and ShowStatusBar="false":

ASP.NET and MVC Rich Text Edit - Simple View / Web Layout

Switch Layouts

Easily switch between two available view modes (Simple View ↔ Print Layout) by using the corresponding ribbon commands.

You can also set the initial mode when the control is loaded using the ViewType property.


Test drive the Rich Text Edit control's Simple View demo here: Demo.

Better yet, download the latest release and test the new Rich Text Editor in your local development environment. Then be sure to leave your feedback by dropping me a comment below, thanks.

8 comment(s)

Correct the last lines. Copy-paste detected from another post ;)

Useful functionality, thanks.

22 March, 2019
Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress)

Fixed. Thank you! :)

22 March, 2019
Mad Rian

It would be useful to have a native ASP.NET Core version with the same functionality…


25 March, 2019

Definitely need the ASP.NET Core version, very soon.

25 March, 2019
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Robert and Charles,

Yes, we've announced the office controls for ASP.NET Core:

Check out the Rich Edit ASP.NET Core demo here:

25 March, 2019
Mad Rian

Hi Mehul, I know the CTP but I need the Core version with the full functionality like the classic MVC Version...


26 March, 2019
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


I'm unclear when you say "Core version with the full functionality like the classic MVC Version..."

Are you saying the ASP.NET Core version is missing some functionality?

26 March, 2019
Thomas Reichenberger

Yes, the ASP.NET Core version is still missing functionality! DOCVARIABLE support for instance.

Would be nice if .NET core version would include exact the same functionality as the classic MVC version.

1 April, 2019

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