ASP.NET Bootstrap Scheduler - UI Enhancements for Mobile Devices

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09 July 2019

We’ve extended the capabilities of our ASP.NET Bootstrap Scheduler control in our most recent release (v19.1) with the following mobile-specific features:

Date Navigator UI

We redesigned the control’s Date Navigator UI. We removed the 'Today' button and made the date item clickable. Once clicked, a calendar UI element appears on-screen (used for date selection). By making this change, we saved space and moved the 'previous date' and 'next date' buttons closer to one another.

Bootstrap Date Navigator in v18.2:

DevExpress Bootstrap Scheduler

Bootstrap Date Navigator in v19.1:

DevExpress Bootstrap Scheduler


Date Highlighting within the Date Navigator

Our Bootstrap Date Navigator can now display appointment marks within individual date items.

DevExpress Bootstrap Scheduler

As you can see, this feature makes it easier to find free or busy days within one’s schedule.

View Selector Adaptivity Enhancements

We upgraded View Selector adaptivity. The following animation demonstrates the difference between our new release and its predecessor.

DevExpress Bootstrap Scheduler

Built-in Floating Action Button

The Bootstrap Scheduler includes built-in Floating Action buttons. These buttons already support key scheduler-related actions (such as adding, editing or deleting appointments).

You can customize the Floating Action button and introduce custom actions as needed. In this demo, we replaced our predefined user actions with custom actions.

DevExpress Bootstrap Scheduler


As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Please tell us how you’re using our ASP.NET Scheduler on mobile devices? How likely are you to use these features in your next Bootstrap application?

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