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Blazor — Year-End Roadmap (v23.2)
Blazor — New Wait Indicator and Loading Panel (v23.1)
Blazor v23.1 — June 2023 Roadmap
Blazor — Upcoming Breaking Changes in Rendering and Bootstrap Support (v22.2)
Blazor Data Editors — Upcoming Features (v22.2)
Blazor Data Editors - Date, Time, and Numeric Masked Input (available in v21.1)
Blazor Form Layout and Tabs - Advanced Caption Management, Lazy Load, and more (available in v21.1)
Blazor UI Components - Masked Input (available in v21.1)
Blazor UI Enhancements and IDE Productivity (available in v20.2.6)
Blazor UI - 2021 Roadmap
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