ASP.NET Team (DevExpress)

Blazor WebAssembly — AOT Compilation and Link Trimming (v22.2)
ASP.NET Bootstrap - Performance Improvement (v18.2)
DevExpress ASP.NET, MVC, Bootstrap, & Core Editors - Performance Improvements & Custom Filtering (v18.1)
ASP.NET & MVC - Grid Performance Enhancements (v18.1)
HTML5 Scheduler - Performance Enhancements (Coming soon in v17.1)
ASP.NET Spreadsheet - Performance Enhancement (coming soon in v16.2)
.NET Grid Controls: Faster Sorting, Grouping and Summary Computations (Coming soon in v14.2)
ASP.NET PDF/XLS Export Speed Increased! (available now in v2011.1)
Webinar Available: Improving Web Site Performance and Scalability with Robert Boedigheimer
ASP.NET HTML Editor Performance Improvements (coming soon in v2010 vol 2)
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