ASP.NET Team (DevExpress)

ASP.NET & MVC Editors - Adaptivity Enhancements (v18.2)
ASP.NET and MVC Editors - Floating Action Button (v18.2)
DevExpress ASP.NET TabControl, PageControl - Tab Swipe (v18.1)
DevExtreme Hybrid Mobile Tools Deprecation in v18.1
Dashboards: Mobile Layout for the Web (v17.2 CTP)
Adaptive Dialogs in DevExpress ASP.NET Controls (v17.2)
Grids & TreeList Enhancements - DevExpress ASP.NET (v17.1)
DevExtreme: Advanced Responsive Layout
DevExtreme Mobile, VS Tools and Data Layer - Enhancements (15.2)
Upload Pictures from iPad, iPhone, or Android using DevExpress ASP.NET Upload Control
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