07 April 2006
Well, after three weeks in the job, it's time to start blogging.

Readers who know me know that I already have a blog on my own website at boyet.com and may be wondering if I'm going to be abandoning that one in favor of this one. The short answer is no, with the longer one being that I shall try and reserve my boyet blog for algorithms and data structures and more personal stuff and this one for more company-related stuff.

Not that I intend for this blog to be just a company ra-ra, let's lay on the marketing-speak blog. Absolutely not. I intend to be candid for sure, well as candid as I can, and you can expect me to discuss issues that we come across, hints on what we're working on, and every now and then some news of our new releases.

Also I'm getting used to the Community Server product that we're using for this site, so you might see some funky formatting every now and then.

And now, without further ado, let the blog commence...

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