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05 July 2006

You must have noticed by now that we have a new look-and-feel on our main website and a Client Center that replaces the old website (trying to go to the latter redirects you to the new Client Center). Congratulations to the team that did such stellar work on getting this ready to go live, and over the holiday day too.

Our reasons for making these changes are many-fold:

  • The old website had been around for quite a while, way longer than I've been aboard at Developer Express (shhh, but I think it looked like that when I worked for TurboPower!). Sometimes, having a new look and feel is reason enough on its own, and I admit I like the freshness of the new layout. I dare say we'll be tweaking bits here and there over the next few days and weeks (yesterday, when we went live a few links were broken, for example), but I think we got the main "look" right.
  • We've been working on a completely new set of ASP.NET controls over the past few months and will be releasing them soon, in just a few weeks. What better way to talk about and show them off than to use and test them in our own website? (The term for this is dogfooding.) Unfortunately, the old website wasn't written in ASP.NET and so it indicated a rewrite.
  • Talking of dogfooding, our new ASP.NET controls are full players in the AJAX world. Can we talk about how efficient our controls are without having used them for real on a real website visited by many, many people every day? Er, no, of course not. So, real life AJAX testing? Check.
  • And since we were talking of dogfooding, we sell a product called eXpress Persistent Objects (known as XPO) and needed to show our customers that it too is fully able to do the heavy lifting for a full online store. So, we used XPO as our data access layer for the new site.
  • And even more dogfood than that (yep, we can't wait to have a filet mignon again), we've been working on an application framework (eXpress Application Framework), which is currently in beta. What better way to test and prove it and to show that it is getting ready for release than using it for the new Client Center?

So tweaking the visuals a little bit and a lot of dogfooding. The latter, especially, means that you can have confidence in our controls and frameworks because we do too. Now, if you'll excuse me, the grill is ready for the filet...

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Joe Brinkman
 The new site looks awesome.  You are right about the old site being pretty dated.  I remember it from my Delphi days  when Y2K was still a problem ;-).

Now if you could just get Mark to start blogging more...
5 July 2006
Roman Eremin (DevExpress)
Roman Eremin (DevExpress)
In case you are wondering - we are using XAF for internal order processing part. The web part of the Client Center is a custom application.
6 July 2006
Stefan Renzewitz
The new web design looks indeed much better and I agree with every point you are saying about using DevExpress components only for your own web-site. Specially Xpo is unfortunately quite often neglected in your tutorials and examples of other components which is a missed chance IMO (e.g. the ASpxGrid is even cooler using Xpo instead of ADO.NET).

Now my only complain is that I was about to release a new version of my web-site and reading that a totally new suite of your ASP.NET controls is coming out soon gives me some (interesting) headache :)

I hope the DefaultLayout control will cover all controls this time  (e.g. the grid and the navigation control).

Beside that: Can't wait to get my hands on your new control suite!



P.S.: Is there a beta group for enterprise subscribers somehwere just by chance? :)
6 July 2006
New site is good, but it doesn't scale to full page width. I have a resolution of 1650x1050 and all the pages are rendered in the left half of the screen ... 50% of the screen (the entire right part) is white ...
The old site was more readable at this resolution ...
Just my 2 cent.
6 July 2006
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)
Roman: thanks for the clarification. I should've checked.
(Anon) User: we decided to optimize the website for the majority of the visitors to the site (the site logs give some indication of which resolution people are using). We went back and forth on using more screen real-estate for larger resolutions, but decided in the end to keep it simpler for now and just target one. One day, perhaps, when WPF/E (or similar) is prevalent we can do better.
Joe: get Mark to blog more? Heck, it's hard enough to keep him quiet as it is...
6 July 2006
Mark Stals
The new site looks fantastic: crisp, clean and professional. I can't wait to put the coming ASP controls to good use.
Hopefully my registered products will be back in sync by the time they become available...

Anyway, DevExpress delivers again!
6 July 2006

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