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14 July 2006

There was a series of newspaper/magazine ads recently here in Colorado Springs (where I live) for a local bank. Each ad showed a particular VP or manager of the bank, described his or her position, and then gave his or her cell phone number. Not the bank's main phone number, mind you, the individual's cell phone number. The theory went that, if you had something to phone up about, good or bad, you could get to the person who was responsible directly. The ads, apparently, went down really well: it showed that all staff of the bank were approachable and were charged with interacting directly with customers.

So in that vein: if you have something to say about Developer Express on the technical or technology side (I am after all Chief Technology Officer :-) ), that is, something to say about the products, the documentation, the support, the install -- whether what you have to say is good or bad -- you can reach me in two ways.

Main: +1 818 844 3383 ext. 206

I would ask though that, if you do want to phone me, to please limit the hours between 9am and 5pm Mountain Time (GMT-7), Monday to Friday. You may find I'll answer outside those times, but I can't guarantee it (yes, I do have a home life too!).

Please do note a couple of caveats though (ah ha! the fine print!).

First, I'm really not a support engineer. If you want to know how to do A with our B component, I'm just not the person to ask; that's what our support team are for. They work day in day out with our components and know far more, far better than I. I'd be a complete bumbling idiot. But if you want to say "X was brilliant at solving my problem, he ought to get the employee of the month award" or "I can't seem to get a timely answer from anyone in support" then by all means contact me and let's talk about it.

Second, I can't help you in any meaningful fashion with client services type things. I really can't: I'm just not connected to their systems in any form. So you should continue to use or our main phone number +1 702 262 0609.

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