New tutorial screencasts available

27 September 2006

Just a quick announcement:

Our documentation team has just uploaded four new screencasts to our website on the basics of using the XtraBars library and .XtraLayoutControl.

XtraBars screencasts
XtraLayoutControl screencasts

The first video for XtraBars discusses how to create a simple form with a menu bar, a bar and a status bar, and how to add items to each, and how to set images with each item.

The second video for XtraBars discusses the docking functionality within XtraBars and quickly produces a form with Visual Studio-like docking abilities.

The first video for XtraLayoutControl discusses how to use the layout control by dropping and rearranging controls on it, both at design and at run time.

The second video for XtraLayoutControl discusses the grouping of controls on the layout control, as well as how to hide groups and how to make them into tabbed pages.

They've done an excellent job with all of these videos: they scripted them, recorded the visuals, and produced the final screencasts. My only involvement was limited to doing the narration in my best Richard Burton impersonation. Enjoy!

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