DXperience volume 2006.3 Breaking Changes

21 November 2006

Despite our best intentions, sometimes we have to make some breaking changes to our libraries or their behavior in order to provide extra or better functionality. Volume 2006.3 of DXperience is no different.

Here are the changes of which you should be aware when you come to upgrade your DXperience subscription to volume 6.3.

ASPxMenu, ASPxTabControl, ASPxNavBar

DXperience 2006 vol. 3 introduces the SyncSelectionWithCurrentPath property. This is set true by default. When you upgrade to the new version, the element (tab, menu item, navigation bar item) that refers to the currently selected page will be selected automatically.

XtraCharts Suite

The Axis.Reverse property no longer changes the position of the other axis. The position of axes is now defined by the Axis.Alignment and XYDiagram.Rotated properties only. Hence, if you have a reversed axis in an application, the position of the orthogonal axis may change after you upgrade. Please retest your application after upgrading.

XtraBars Suite and XtraNavBar

The XtraBars Suite and the XtraNavBar no longer automatically provide mappings to transparent backgrounds for images assigned to items directly via the Glyph, SmallImage or LargeImage property. Instead the controls support image formats that natively provide transparency.

For instance, if you used BMP files with a magenta background, intending for magenta to be mapped to a transparent background, you will suddenly see magenta in item images when you upgrade. To work around this issue, we suggest that you use PNG or GIF images instead, since these support transparent backgrounds. Another workaround is to call the Bitmap.MakeTransparent() method. Lastly, you can use ImageList or ImageCollection components as image sources.

Note that this change now makes it possible for you to use all of the pixels in assigned images. Previously, one corner pixel would be considered as the pixel that defines the transparency color, and it wouldn't be visible as a result.

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