Reminder: DevExpress at DevWeek 2007 next week

23 February 2007

I'm packing my bags and flying out tomorrow for London Heathrow, via Chicago O'Hare - just as they're predicting an ice storm (OK, "light freezing rain" it says here). I arrive at Heathrow on Sunday morning of course, having slept the night away en route. Mark gets in a couple of hours after me - he's coming another route altogether.

DevWeek is sold out, which means it should be great fun. Remember: please do come over to our booth, introduce yourself, let us demo some cool things for you, and grill us on our roadmap. The exhibit hall is open on Tuesday and Wednesday all day, with Tuesday evening being the delegates' drinks reception in the exhibit hall, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. I'm going to guess the crowds around our booth will be two or three deep during this time.

Mark has one talk on Wednesday at 2:00pm (14:00) called Best practices with the .NET Event/Delegate Framework. If you've never heard him talk, you should come along: he's riveting, to put it mildly. The last time I attended one of his talks he roped me in as a Vanna White character, writing stuff down on my Tablet PC, projected on the big screen. Well, there wasn't a whiteboard in the room in spite of our having gone out the previous evening to buy a whole bunch of colorful whiteboard markers...

See you there!

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