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  • It's a Developer Express double bill!

    Yes, it's true. This week you have, not one, but two opportunities to see Developer Express in action. And at both sides of the country no less.

    First of all, we're at VSLive! at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, with our new high-tech booth ("we" being Ray, Mehul, and me). So if you missed us at SD West come and see us here, the booth having been transported north from Santa Clara by a hand-picked team of buff, tanned software developers.

    Otherwise, you can see us at DevConnections in Orlando, Florida (where "us" means Mark, Dustin, and Oliver), with our "traditional" booth.

    Either way, you'll get to see some of the new stuff we've just released (and see some cool demos) and be able to chat about what we've been doing and what we're planning to do.

    Whether you're East or West, come along and introduce yourself and be entertained and educated.
  • Developer Express at SD West, Santa Clara

    A quick note to say that Developer Express is exhibiting at SD West this week (tomorrow through Thursday) in Santa Clara.

    Mark, Mehul, Ray and I will be there, demonstrating and showing off our products, not only DXperience 2007.1, but also CodeRush 2.1, and maybe a quick glimpse of ExpressBars 6. So, please come on over and introduce yourself and let us entertain you with some of the new things we have. Of course, if you have some comments about our roadmap or want to request something that's not mentioned, put us on the spot and let us know.

    Not only that, but we'll also be showing off our new larger booth for the first time. So if you're into booth design but not necessarily software, pop on over anyway to check it out.

    In case you're wondering that this blog is turning into a bunch of announcements, it's because it's conference as well as release season for us. Stay tuned, normal service will be resumed shortly.

  • DXperience version 2007 vol. 1 released

    I know, I know, old news for our customers: they already received the notification emails yesterday, and those customers in the know will have been pinging their Client Support pages and downloaded it on the Friday. (Although we tend to make releases available just prior to a weekend, we don't want to announce it until the Monday in case technical support is needed.)

    However I still think it's worth highlighting here for new customers, or for customers who are thinking about switching to .NET from Delphi for new projects.

    - The announcement

    - The What's New page

    We've also updated our newsgroups for the new controls: there's now a group for the new ASPxperience Suite and one for the XtraSpellChecker component.


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