More MVPs for Developer Express -- April Fools joke? NOT!

02 April 2007

So yesterday there was a bit of confusion on the internal DevExpress mailing list. Both Dustin Campbell and Oliver Sturm both announced that they'd been awarded MVP status by Microsoft, and, of course, the received impression was that they were pulling the proverbial leg on the traditional day of practical jokes. Nice one, guys; we're not falling for that one, we weren't born yesterday.

Well, more fool the rest of us: Oliver and Dustin have indeed both been made C# MVPs. Together with our very own Mark Miller, that makes three MVPs on the DevExpress staff. They'll be demanding an executive expense account next, together with their own executive restroom...

Please allow me to congratulate both of them publicly. Well done, Oliver and Dustin! It's well deserved. We'll certainly be popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

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