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Screencast news: now, the near future, and if-I-get-it-to-work-properly

At the end of last week I recorded the audio for another set of introductory tutorials, this time for the XtraTreeList. There are three in all:

  1. Data Handling: where we bind a tree list control to a database.
  2. Embedding Editors: where we assign editor controls from the XtraEditors suite to columns in the tree list control
  3. Unbound Mode: where we do the opposite of Lesson 1 and populate a tree without using a database.

You can find them here. Taken all together, these three tutorials show how easy it is to treat a tree list as a kind of nifty hierarchical editable grid.

Oh, and apologies if you hear a slight Irish accent in there. I'm not taking the mickey, but instead I'm rehearsing for a role where I play W.B. Yeats, the Irish poet, and I'm finding that I'm saying things with a Anglo-Irish accent every now and then.

Meanwhile, Nathan, our tech writer who's writing and editing these screencasts (he has much the harder job of the two of us, I can tell you), has recorded the video for another series of screencasts, this time about XtraVerticalGrid. I will be recording these tomorrow and Wednesday, so hang in there if you want to see some intro videos on how to use that popular component: they could be available by the weekend.

Also I'm trying to record both the video and audio for a set of screencasts on XAF. You wouldn't believe the number of times I've started the first one of these and tossed the results. There's more to recording screencasts than meets the eye. let me tell you (and probably will in another blog post). Stay tuned on this one.

By the way, if you have any requests for screencasts, especially those of an intermediate nature, do please let me know. We're doing quite well on the introductory ones, but would certainly like to expand the list of intermediate ones.

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