Not mano a mano, but face to face

04 May 2007

Are you within 100 miles say of Colorado Springs, Colorado? Do you use any of Developer Express' products? Would you like to show me, the Chief Technology Officer of said Developer Express, your product or software, face to face, and then discuss how we can better respond to your needs and future plans with our products?

Then wonder no more.

I want to get out and about and see how our customers are using our products in real projects, see how they are incorporating our components into their products, what kinds of issues they're having to overcome, and I want to do this in the flesh rather than electronically. Of course, be aware that I'd like to blog about any visits set up in this fashion as well as use what I learned in our management meetings to influence what we do.

So, since I live and work in north Colorado Springs, let's say that if you are working in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Fort Collins, or any of the ski resorts :-), and you're using our products, email me at or phone me on +1 818 844 3383 ext. 206 (yes, I know it's a Los Angeles number; the wonders of VoIP don'tcha know) and let's see if we can't set something up


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