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23 August 2007

Would you like to see the things we're working on before anyone else?

Well, would you? Duh. Of course you would like to see the things we're working on. And before the general customer base would be sweet indeed.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 November and happen to be an attendee at DevConnections 2007 (especially for the Visual Studio and .NET Connections part), you can pop along to our booth and we'll be only too glad to demonstrate the new things that we'll have been working on throughout the autumn. In fact we'll be so enthusiastic about showing it all off, we'll be dragging you there to watch.

And what will we be showing? Mmm, this is difficult: we don't pre- announce stuff and yet I have to give you a hint. Hmm, let's see. Here are some keywords, acronyms, and phrases.

  • WPF controls
  • XAF
  • Revolutionary CodeRush stuff
  • New ASP.NET functionality
  • Charts with WPF

There you have it. There probably will be some other stuff as well, but that'll be enough to be getting on with, and Mark's Black Ops Security are breathing down my neck. It's all eyes-widening, jaw-dropping, hair-standing-on-end stuff. And, no, sorry, I can't say any more about what it all means.

So if you really want to see this new stuff before the rest of the world, head on down to Las Vegas and Mandalay Bay and DevConnections at the beginning of November and go to booth #131. It's the biggest booth we've ever had at a conference, all because we have so much to show off. There'll be giveaways (mmm, swag), there'll be Black Ops Security, there'll be guys from the dev teams, and there'll be Ray, Mark, Oliver, Mehul, and me. We'll be ecstatic, exuberant, and exhausted, but, hey, it's Vegas: no one sleeps or has a need to.

This will be a mega Developer Express Extravaganza, and I'm not known for hyperbole. All the in-crowd will be there!

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