Using our ASP.NET controls in CodeGear RAD Studio 2007

02 October 2007

Just thought I'd pass this along, in case you were wondering how it's done. It's from Plato in our support team (thanks, Plato!):

To add our ASP.NET controls to the component palette in RAD Studio 2007, invoke the Installed .NET Components dialog, go to the Assembly Search Paths tab and add a path to our DLLs to this list. Then close the dialog and open it again. You'll find that our controls have been added to the component palette.

Wow, that was easy...

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Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)


Plato warned me that, even though this procedure works with our ASP.NET controls, you should be warned that those controls that have a rich design-time experience in Visual Studio won't have such a rich design-time experience in RAD Studio. The reason for this is simple: our design-time code requires the design-time assemblies of VS, assemblies that CodeGear have not replicated (or licensed, I suppose) for RAD Studio.

Cheers, Julian

3 October 2007
Nils H Dzubiel
Nils H Dzubiel

I tried they are not working. Well, yes

you could use the Button.

But the Memos & Grids just give out



11 October 2007

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