In which Julian laughs an evil laugh and doesn't give out any details at all

31 October 2007

Something we're going to demo at DevConnections next week: 


Remember: Booth #131; DevConnections; Monday 5th - Wednesday 7th November.

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Tim S.

Next time, take a PNG -- the JPEG looks really rough!

Still, nice teaser!

31 October, 2007
Tarik Souirji

Great post !!

How about some RTL support ?  :p

31 October, 2007


WPF is a huge part of my next product, but unfortunatley, without support from DX I can't really do much with it. XtraScheduler in WPF will be HUGE for me :)

31 October, 2007
Ben Hayat

Very elegant and clean looking!

I love the wheel on the left side that will rotate to offer choice. Brilliant!

Are you guys taking advantage of 3D engine of WPF or will this chart be able to work in Silverlight (without the 3D engine)?

DX having strong background and experience is going to do very well in WPF and Silverlight market.

1 November, 2007
Rollie Claro

I can't wait to see more!

now i know why DevEx not joining the hype back when WPF was still a child then.

can you guys release a free version? like grid and editors stuff?

1 November, 2007
Max Kosenko


It's absolutely clear now that full WPF Enterprise Suite is coming this year.


Don't forget to post ppts from DevCon for those of us who too busy to be there next week. At least after DevCon ;-)

Thank you for elegant post.

1 November, 2007
Riyaz Qureshi

Apart from the evil laugh the message is loud and clear........


1 November, 2007
Ben Hayat

Julian, this image has raised a few questions in my head, and I hope you can answer them for me.

a) The wheel on the left side, is that a "custom control" that DX will offer as a component or was that done as part of that page?

b) If it was done as part of the page, is it done in Xaml or C#?

c) If Xaml, is it possible to publish it or at least to subscribers?

d) Are you guys working on Silverlight 1.1 along side of WPF development?



1 November, 2007

Real great.

Any other post??

19 December, 2007

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