More evil laughter and even less information

02 November 2007



(I think this is the screenshot many people have been waiting for!)

Remember: booth 131 at DevConnections Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week...

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Rory Becker - DevExpress

ooooooooooooh   aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

It really sux that I can't go to this.

2 November, 2007
Rollie Claro

Julian ! Julian!

your the man!!!!!!

go go go DevEx!

2 November, 2007
Rollie Claro

this much look better than the spokesmodel! seriously!


2 November, 2007
Greg Bishop

Rollie:  While I like the screenshot is nice, I think you might want to check your glasses. ... :-)

3 November, 2007
Dethmer Kupers

Will the datacarousel be part of the WPF version?

3 November, 2007
Riyaz Qureshi

I really like the way of shocking your competitors at the last moment with these evil laughters. :-D Those who had been claiming to be with WPF since the beginning now they dont come even close.

I feel I was right when I selected you. Thanks to all at Devexpress.

3 November, 2007

Any new information on this?  Is this still vaporware or is there an approximate release?

6 November, 2007

Can't wait to use the new WPF controls. When are you guys going to release the new set of controls.

Top work .. Feels great to work with Devexpress components ..

19 December, 2007
Malisa Ncube

Excellent stuff! I think your developer team is one of the best. I also like the graphics, softness and affordances of your components.

Will consider, third party components.

26 May, 2008

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