Wasn't us. Honest.

29 January 2008

Last week, the management team at DevExpress went offsite to discuss our roadmap for 2008. Although there were some, shall we say, heated discussions, we had nothing to do with this fire:


(And, yes, I'm writing the text for the roadmap as we speak. I just needed 5 minutes off to do something else for a change...)

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Glen Germaine


29 January, 2008
Laurent PIERRE

Please, I hope you'll give us some good news about ExpressLayout VCL version 2. Explain us if you'll do more on this product or not.

I had read some years ago from Ray that DevExpress wanted to upgrade ExpressLayout Control to version 2. It was in 2004.

I had read last year on your site, the Developer Express 2007 Roadmap (www.devexpress.com/.../Roadmap2007.xml)  these words concerning the Delphi VCL roadmap :

"...Other products slated for updates in 2007 include the ExpressLayout Control."

I really hope that this year, Developer Express will hold his liabilities for this great product that I like so much.

Thank you to light us and best wishes.


30 January, 2008
mu jin

Everybody OK ? God bless you

30 January, 2008

"...Although there were some, shall we say, heated discussions..."

Julian, during the meeting, what were the top 2 points that invoked most debate?

30 January, 2008

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