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31 January 2008

Just a quick one: if you've subscribed to SD Times, check out pages 39 to 43 of issue 191, dated 1st February.

SD Times interviewed me and a bunch of other execs from companies like Developer Express asking for our thoughts on what's been coming out of Microsoft over the past year (and what is to come) and how it affects us, the component vendors. We all pontificate on ASP.NET AJAX, WPF, Silverlight 2.0, and the new ASP.NET MVC.

You can even download a PDF copy of the issue from the SD Times website.

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Garth Henderson
Garth Henderson

As a new subscriber, I am just finding the time to go back a couple months on the blogs - trying to expand my understanding of the DX technology and community.

This quote from the article sums up why I chose to subscribe to Devexpress and the community:

"Software FX’s Garcia

remarked that Microsoft was

“choking” developers with too

many technologies being introduced

concurrently, adding that

in terms of adoption, developers

question when to start using new

technology with a whirlwind of

new releases. “They only have so

much bandwidth to process

[new] technologies,” he said."

To me, XAF is the hub (and safety net) that makes .NET business application development not only possible but profitable.

24 May 2008

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