Breaking Changes for v2008 vol.1

29 February 2008

Just in time for the first release candidate of DXperience v2008.1, the development teams have submitted all their breaking changes and a Grand Unifying List has been created. With regard to What's New, Max has been posting some news over on our forums.

There's quite a few breaking changes this time, including a lot of obsolete classes and methods that have been removed, so I do hope you've been paying attention to your compiler warnings :). It seems the teams are doing a little spring cleaning...

Multiple WinForms Controls

  • ViewStyle and related classes have finally been removed from all Windows Forms assemblies (these classes have been marked as obsolete for 3 years or so).

ASPxperience Suite

  • The single css style for a disabled state (dxDisabled) has been replaced with css styles for for each ASPx control (dxnbDisabled, dxmDisabled, dxeDisabled, etc).
  • The ReadOnlyStyle, IncrementButtonStyle, DecrementButtonStyle, LargeIncrementButtonStyle, and LargeDecrementButtonStyle properties of the EditorStyles class have been renamed to ReadOnly, SpinEditIncrementButton, SpinEditDecrementButton, SpinEditLargeIncrementButton, and SpinEditLargeDecrementButton respectively.

XtraCharts Suite

  • The obsolete AxisPosition enumeration and the obsolete Axis.Position property have been removed.
  • The WebChartControl.Enabled property has been made hidden. Now it always returns false.
  • The PointOptions.BeginText, PointOptions.EndText, PointOptions.Separator, SeriesLabel.Text properties have now been made obsolete. They have been replaced with the PointOptions.Pattern property. Note that not all user scenarios that use these now obsolete properties will work correctly in XtraCharts v2008.1.
  • The Series.LegendText property has been moved to the SeriesBase class. This property now supports templates where {S} means the series name.

XtraLayout Control

  • The Customization form class and the DevExpress.XtraLayout.Customization namespace have been redesigned to allow for the extensibility of the customization form.
  • The FireCloseButtonClick method has been added to the ILayoutControl interface.

XtraPrinting Library

  • The CreatesIntersectedBricks method has been added to the IPrintable interface. It's required to add this method's implementation to support the IPrintable interface.
  • The DevExpress.XtraPrinting.Native.PrintingDocument.SmartXDivision property has been changed to VerticalContentSplitting. If the .SmartXDivision property was set to true, you should set the VerticalContentSplitting property to the VerticalContentSplitting.Smart enumeration value.

XtraReports Suite

  • The following obsolete methods have been removed: XtraReport.RunDesigner, XtraReport.RunDesignerDialog, XtraReport.LoadState, XtraReport.SaveState.
  • The following undocumented classes have been moved from the DevExpress.Data.dll to the DevExpress.Utils.dll: DataHelper, DataMemberNodeBase, DataMemberNode, DataSourceNode, PickManager, DataSourceTreeView. This means that they are now in the DevExpress.Utils.Design namespace rather than the DevExpress.Data.Native namespace.
  • The following undocumented classes have been moved from the DevExpress.XtraReports.dll to the DevExpress.Utils.dll: DesignBinding, DesignBindingConverter, DesignBindingEditor, DesignBindingPicker. Now they are placed in the DevExpress.Utils.Design namespace rather than DevExpress.XtraReports.Design namespace.
  • The undocumented DesignBinding(XRBinding) constructor has been removed. You should use DesignBinding(object DataSource, string DataMember) constructor instead.

ASPxPivotGrid Suite

  • The OptionsView.DataHeadersStyle property has been renamed to OptionsView.DataHeadersDisplayMode
  • The OptionsView.DataHeadersStyleLimit property has been renamed to OptionsView.DataHeadersPopupMinCount
  • The PivotGridImages.DataHeaders property has been renamed to OptionsView.DataHeadersPopup

XtraScheduler and ASPxScheduler Suites

  • The FetchAppointments event handler type has been changed from TimeIntervalEventHandler to FetchAppointmentsEventHandler.
  • The FetchAppointments event arguments type has been changed from TimeIntervalEventArgs to FetchAppointmentsEventArgs.
  • THe RenderAppointment event in ASPxScheduler has been removed.
  • The AppointmentTimeTextStyle property has been removed. For customization, please use appointment templates instead.
  • The DevExpress.XtraScheduler.Extensions assembly - two appointment forms that mimic the Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office Ribbon UI styles - have been redesigned. Their descendants and localized forms have to be re-written, which has become a much easier task thanks to this redesign.

XtraEditors Library

  • The ImageAlignment property of button-based controls and editors has been marked as obsolete. The ImageLocation property should be used instead.
  • The PanelBase class has become a descendant of XtraPanel instead of the standard Form.Panel.
  • Images assigned to the AppearanceObject.Image object are no longer forcibly made transparent. Previously, pixels whose color matched the top-left pixel's color were assumed to be transparent. This behavior is now disabled.
  • The ClosePageButtonShowMode property has been added to the IXtraTabProperties interface.
  • The ShowCloseButton property has been added to the IXtraTabPage interface.

eXpressApp Framework (XAF)

Previously, XAF solutions contained Web Site Projects. Now, we've replaced them with Web Application Projects. This will allow us to solve many technical issues, especially related to the implementation of Designers. For instance, now you can invoke the Web Application Designer by double-clicking the WebApplication.cs file in the Solution Explorer. To learn how to upgrade your applications to use the Web Application Project, refer to this KnowledgeBase article. Note that you don't necessarily have to migrate to Web Application Projects since we'll support Web Site Projects as well.

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