Late news: More breaking changes for v2008 vol.1

18 March 2008

For some reason, the WinForms team that deals with grids were a bit late in reporting these breaking changes. I do apologize for this, but we've made sure that they buy the donuts next week.


The following options have been removed in v2008 vol.1. They have been marked as obsolete now over many major releases.


  • GridView.BehaviorOptions, CardView.BehaviorOptions
  • GridView.MenuOptions
  • GridView.PrintOptions, CardView.PrintOptions
  • GridView.ViewOptions, CardView.ViewOptions
  • GridColumn.Options
  • GridBand.Options


  • TreeList.BehaviorOptions
  • TreeList.MenuOptions
  • TreeList.PrintOptions
  • TreeList.SelectionOptions
  • TreeList.ViewOptions


  • VGridControlBase.BehaviorOptions
  • VGridControlBase.ViewOptions
  • BaseRow.Options

Hopefully, these won't come as a surprise, but as I said, they've been marked as obsolete for a long while now.

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uh.. i think there have been a few more breaking changes since "v2000 vol.1"  ☻

18 March 2008
Martin Paternoster
Martin Paternoster

That's the problem, sometimes an 8 and a zero can be confused. Os am I thinking of O and 0? ;-)

18 March 2008
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Must. Remember. To. Proofread.

18 March 2008

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