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05 May 2008

After reading my previous post, Andrew, who along with Mike is gridmeister on our dev team, pointed out that another, perhaps more subtle, way to use materials in our documentation and on our website to help you evaluate our products is to read the case studies. Not that the case studies are so thorough that they go into details about how specific functionality is achieved, but that they give you a window into how other people have solved business problems with our tools and libraries, how they've approached things, and how our controls look in read-world applications.

If you like, the case studies we publish give you a sense of reassurance that certain things are definitely possible with our libraries and that we at DevExpress are not just making it all up. Once you see something is possible, your imagination is fired up.

Anyway, we've just published a new case study, one of the longest we've done so far. And, believe you me, it's fascinating to read how Jascha Gordon (who looks like a cross between Bryan Ferry and David Lynch) and Line of Business Systems Ltd have used XAF (eXpressApp Framework) as the basis for reusable software modules that can be aggregated and customized for individual clients.

And I'm not just saying that because the company's based in England, although that does show excellent good taste, but also because Jascha and his team have incorporated mapping software and custom-draw scheduling and TAPI (yes, TAPI!) into XAF.

If you read this case-study, we're definitely going to have to ship a jaw cushion with DXperience Universal so you don't bruise your jaw when it drops. This is Extreme XAF.

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Bryan Ferry and David Lynch - should this be filed as a Photoshop case study instead?


6 May, 2008
Robert Fuchs


the best case study I've ever seen on the DX site.

As someone struggling with XAF (and XPO) since it's release in last December I know what I'm talking about, and it confirms me in my framework choice.

Thanks for that.


6 May, 2008
Alberto Cortes

Great Idea, please publish more case studies.


6 May, 2008
Mohsen Benkhellat

Thanks Jasha for this well written study.


6 May, 2008

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