"Paging grid team, paging grid team..."

19 May 2008

Late last week, after listening to and reading the feedback we'd been getting from our customers, the main architects of the ASPxGridView, Mike and Andrew, added support for the default LINQ paging parameters to the grid. After some further testing over the weekend, they've now merged their changes into the main branch.

These changes will be available in the next minor release of DXperience, version 2008.1.4, and obviously in subsequent versions.

There will be an option to turn off our advanced paging capabilities (those which are optimized for our superior grouping, filtering, and summary facilities) and turn on the capability to pass default LINQ paging parameters to the ExecuteSelect() method. We're still discussing the name of this property so I can't reveal it just yet.

In this mode, the grid will essentially just function as a tabular set of rows. So if that's your main user scenario, you can set this property true — its default value is false — and the grid will just present a paged set of rows using the default LINQ paging statements.

If however you want the best-of-breed grouping, filtering, and summaries afforded by our paging technology in order to give your users the richest experience available anywhere and the ability to analyze data in the most performant manner, then leave this property at its default setting and party on.

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James Birnie

Hi Julian,

I've come into this one late by the looks of all the testosterone.. er.. passion rather :)  It's good to see you and your teams quick action on this, that is excellent customer service.

Forgetting 3rd party datasource implementations and even LINQ.. Lets assume I use Microsoft's ObjectDataStore + bind it to an ASPXGrid.  I want to implement paging AND direct editting of this data.  If I understand correctly, without this new property this will not be possible?

Personally, I'm a massive fan of your components and use them for my own company for some customised Delphi apps.  At my fulltime job, I've just been asked to do some analysis and recommend a component suite for our development team - who develop both Win + Web applications... and of course I thought of you guys.. :)  So I'm going to be quite interested to see what happens here.

p.s. I'm also looking forward to checking out your gauge controls.  And congrats on all the ASP.NETPro awards!

29 May 2008
Remco van Diesen
Remco van Diesen

Hello Julian,

You mentioned

"There will be an option to turn off our advanced paging capabilities"

Reverts to property Grid.DataSourceForceStandardPaging.

Just for the record, this might save other users some time to find this new property of yours :-)

25 July 2008
Peter Hearn
Peter Hearn

Julian - how come your system more performant (what a dreadful word!) than SQL server at filtering for example?  Are you saying you can weed through 1 million rows on the web server faster than SqlServer can at the back end?  Ditto grouping and paging.

I'd really like to be able to use standard LinqDataSources with an ASPxGridView, but the loss of functionality (no filters, groups, editing) is crippling.

Why so?

18 August 2009

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