Silverlight Grid: AgDataGrid demo unleashed!

10 June 2008

We've now completed the minor bugfixes needed to ensure that our grid for Silverlight 2 works with the just-released beta 2 bits and we can now make the demo public.

A couple of notes though before I link to the demo page:

1. You need Silverlight 2 beta 2 installed. This demo will not work with beta 1. You can download the latest beta here.

2. We are still finalizing the legalese in the EULA for this grid, but rest assured that when we said free, we meant free as in beer, and when we said source code included, we meant the CS files as well as the XAML files.

3. Once we've completed the final stages of writing the EULA we'll release the grid into beta. The release date of the final product depends entirely on you, our early adopters, playing around with the beta, giving us feedback and letting us know of bugs and issues.

OK, having got the caveats out of the way: here's the demo. Have fun!

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wolfgang hauer

should we report bugs; if yes how

10 June, 2008
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)


Please do. Sending an email to will probably be the best way. They'll make sure it gets to the developers.

Cheers, Julian

10 June, 2008

Nice! :)

However, performancewise it is doesn't feel good yet, at least not on my machine. Especially scrolling is feels sluggish, and many animations, for instance the description text that fly in and out, are slow. But you are probably working on it, or maybe it is  a "feature" of Silverlight Beta.

Keep up the good work!

10 June, 2008
Vlad Filyakov (DevExpress)

Joakim, can you please tell us what is your computer configuration?

11 June, 2008

Are you going to implement UI virtualization for columns?

Btw, it feels pretty slow on my machine too, I have intel core 2 6400, 4gb of ram, and nvidia geforce 6500 gt

11 June, 2008
Joakim Packalén

My previous answer yesterday disappeared (moderator, please delete it if found), so here is my answer for Vlad again: My computer configuration is AMD 3500+ with 2 GB RAM and NVIDIA 6600 graphics card. It isn't super sluggish, but just so much that my first thought was that it feels slow. Some specific examples: scrolling, overall and especially in the group by view, when you open details for a country and  city with more than a few detail rows, the feel is choppy. When sorting, there is a little delay before anything happens. The description popup animation is a bit slow too. For comparison, I just went to your updated Area51 site, and there, the speed is top notch good.

12 June, 2008

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