Silverlight Grid: AgDataGrid demo unleashed!

10 June 2008

We've now completed the minor bugfixes needed to ensure that our grid for Silverlight 2 works with the just-released beta 2 bits and we can now make the demo public.

A couple of notes though before I link to the demo page:

1. You need Silverlight 2 beta 2 installed. This demo will not work with beta 1. You can download the latest beta here.

2. We are still finalizing the legalese in the EULA for this grid, but rest assured that when we said free, we meant free as in beer, and when we said source code included, we meant the CS files as well as the XAML files.

3. Once we've completed the final stages of writing the EULA we'll release the grid into beta. The release date of the final product depends entirely on you, our early adopters, playing around with the beta, giving us feedback and letting us know of bugs and issues.

OK, having got the caveats out of the way: here's the demo. Have fun!

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