Glancing back

18 June 2008

I thought I would just point out a few of my posts from the past -- raising them into your consciousness, as it were -- because they are still just as relevant today as when I posted them initially. I'm also told by our client services department that they reference some of them to callers so I'm guessing newcomers to my blog would benefit too.

These posts aren't about our products per se, but more about how we do business, our policies, what you can expect from us, and so on.They're in reverse order of posting.

Selling snake oil: please don't buy a product based on its possible or putative future features but on its value to you right now.

When is a layer cake healthy?: discussing our licensing policy and how to limit the money you pay us by layering your application. Uh, hang on...

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?: we don't publish comparisons. Here's some logical reasons, but really it's about ethics.

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft: how to get in touch with me.

Can't Fix? Won't Fix!: a discussion about how we flag issues in Support Center (note that the product versions I talk about as examples in here are very old).

"That (expletive) support!": why you will sometimes get requests for a sample program that reproduces the issue you're talking about.

Breaking changes: a necessary evil; why we have them, and how we endeavor to reduce them.


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