Video: Binding DXGrid for WPF to data

27 June 2008

I've been at our Glendale office all week and, as usual, it was meetings galore discussing the various aspects of running a company like DevExpress.

Nevertheless, I made some time to sit down with Jeff, our videographer, and record some videos about DXGrid for WPF. This is the first: an introductory video about binding a DXGrid to data from a database.



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Later the same day as this previous video was taken, I sat down again to record another on using DXGrid

27 June, 2008
Dr. Holger Flick

I remember your "roadmap", but I still think of the days when I started using your controls. It was very difficult to "grasp" what is available and what is still "to come" in the future. May be you can add some kind of glyph to mark these posts about upcoming products or at least introduce a tag for these. At least I do not see any way to distinguish between these two types of posts... tell me if I am wrong :)

2 July, 2008
Dr. Holger Flick

One more thing... will there be design-time wizards/designers that will create the XAML for me? Adding the column names etc. in the XAML manually is not very "nice". Using Winforms and your design-time tools would still be more efficient ...

2 July, 2008

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