Video: Current Row with DXGrid for WPF

27 June 2008

Later the same day as this previous video was taken, I sat down again to record another on using DXGrid for WPF.

Looking at this video I'm struck by how much I hated the keyboard. Let me tell you -- and this is by no means a religious issue, no sir -- but the natural forces of the universe acted together to create the editing pad on the keyboard like this:


And most definitely there's some serious warping of space-time when the layout looks like this:


Yes, I kept hitting that stupid big Delete key instead of the End key.

Nevertheless I persevered and produced a video on accessing the data of the current row inside another panel on the same window. No programming, just XAML.



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Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Yes, that large delete key has caused me some headaches in the past as well.

27 June, 2008
richard morris

It could have been worse.  You could have been using a Mac and having to debug on the fly why ctrl-z wasn't undoing. ;)

28 June, 2008
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)


Now who has heard of a crazy thing like that? :-)

In fact, the problem is that I keep hitting Command-Z instead of Ctrl-Z - need to find a solution to that!

1 July, 2008
Atiya Ahmeda

when can we have a beta! Essentially I have been considering WPF production ready when DevExpress releases their grid control.. so...

1 July, 2008

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