The Usual Suspects

01 July 2008

I was reading a post from someone here at DevExpress to a customer that mentioned Mehul and myself and suddenly realized that we're starting to make the assumption that everyone knows who we are from our first names. To new customers this may not be true, so in an effort to redress the balance, I present the DevExpress Usual Suspects.

Ray Navasarkian - The Boss. 'Nuff said. Never appears on camera, because he's shy. Or something. Is allergic to apostrophes.

Julian Bucknall - CTO. That would be me. The Brit. Rumor has it I once wandered around Nice Old Town in a red velvet smoking jacket, pipe in hand. Since I own neither, this must be a complete fabrication.

Mark Miller - Chief Architect. Recently acknowledged to have suffered a tragic hair loss accident, but mostly known for being the main designer and evangelist for our IDE productivity tools, CodeRush and Refactor! Pro.

Mike (Falcon) Rozhdestvenskiy - Lead Developer. Known for buying all manner of electronic gear, always before the early adopters. So much so in fact, that Fry's lay out the red carpet whenever he draws near. Mike is one half of our grid designer/developer duo.

Andrew Telnov - Lead Developer. Quiet, unassuming, just signs himself as "Andrew, R&D", and is the other half of our grid duo. If you get a reply from him on the forums, you'll know it's the Correct Answer(tm) because he wrote the original code. When he and Mike pair-program I have to rewrite the roadmap.

Vlad Filyakov - Lead Developer. Used to be our Delphi guru, but now develops for Silverlight. He's responsible for Area51 and the various Silverlight layout controls. Must have immeasurable good taste, since he has an Audi A3 like me.

Oliver Sturm - Technologist and evangelist (that is, I forgot his title and he's not online). Famous for being the German living in Scotland working for an American company, having a Dvorak keyboard on his laptop (you assuredly do not want to use his machine for a demo in front of customers), and for knowing the most about our frameworks. However, he's about to hand that mantle over to...

Gary Short - Evangelist. Known internally as Gaddeh, generally said loudly, because of his Scottish accent. Well, he is, and he lives there, so that's his excuse. Newest member of the evangelism team, learning fast about our frameworks so that Oliver can start a new secret hush-hush project.

Mehul Harry - Evangelist. The Indian guy and ASP.NET dude with the email signature longer than mine (which is saying something). Is renowned for always being the last person to arrive as we gather to go out to dinner.

Azret Botash. Has already forgotten more about Silverlight than I've ever learned. Helps out with WinForms evangelism when he has time -- which is never. Sigh. Known to mutter numbers to himself as pretty women walk by, but I'm not sure our medical insurance covers the treatment.

Max Evseev - Support Manager. Also God of our CommunityServer, that is, these blogs and forums. Indefatigable, it seems, and is rumored to have locked away a team writing a new NNTP server for CommunityServer.

Jeff Cosby - Videographer. The Man Behind The Camera. Is rumored to be collecting out-takes from our video sessions, but he'd better have them under lock and key. Recently wrote the DX rap: "Whatever the plat-form / DX tools aren’t the norm / Grid Controls at high speed / Now that’s what you need." Again our medical provider tells us the condition is not covered.

Plato, Nick, Serge, Vito, and so on - The Support Team. The real deal; I venture to say the hardest-working people in DevExpress.

Courtney, Tina, Robyn - Client Center representatives. Without whom we'd have to shut up shop.

Of course, there are many many others working ultra-hard in the background whose names you'll see only fleetingly if at all, but are instrumental in the smooth running of DevExpress and for the cool products we sell. These names above, however, are the Usual Suspects.

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