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02 July 2008

I know, I know. You're anxiously awaiting the DXperience v2008 vol.2 beta and all we seem to be doing is releasing new minor releases of v2008 vol.1. [UPDATE: Thu 3-Jul, 6am Mountain time - v2008.1.6 has just been released.]

A bit of background: there was an issue with editing in the ASPxGridView. In essence the wrong values were passed to the server on clicking Update in a particular situation (a detail grid being embedded in an EditFormTemplate). This was pretty much a major issue that had to get fixed as soon as possible.

Rather than cobbling together a quick hack just to get this bug out of the way, the guys on the ASP.NET grid team decided to generalize the whole editing methodology and in the process were able to fix several similar bugs at the same time. Life, as they say, was good. Version 2008.1.5 was prepared and released.

Unfortunately, a new bug had crept in. In essence, we didn't have a test case or even a demo with an editable grid and the auto filter row enabled. The old method of getting the edited values didn't interfere with the AutoFilterRow (or vice-versa), but the new code did. The team quickly issued a Javascript fix that would work around the issue, but everyone felt that it fell into the "cobbling a quick hack" category and that we really should issue a new minor version, 2008.1.6, that really fixed the problem. So that's what we are going to do.

We are currently in the final stages of testing DXperience 2008.1.6 and it should be released within the next 24 hours. The team is, shall we say, paying special attention to testing the new editing implementation.

v2008 vol.2 beta is ready to go. The testing of the major release, at least prior to this change, has been completed. Once we've released 2008.1.6, we'll complete the merging and testing of this new editing implementation and then release. Given that it's now Wednesday and Friday is a holiday (at least in the US), I would have to estimate that the beta for v2008 vol.2 won't be released until early next week.

So, hang in there as we get all this done :).  We're trying to get you the most stable product without it containing a bunch of temporary hacks.

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