WinForms gauges: The XtraGauges dial goes to 11 not 10

03 July 2008

OK, I know, a little over the top, but please allow me a teensy bit of hyperbole. I've been playing around with the latest demo for XtraGauges for a couple of hours so that I could prepare this blog post and I'm wowed. Yep, ol' Mr Cynical here loves this product.

Since I saw it last (and most definitely since you saw it last), there have been some amazing changes. About 10 days ago, we were a little anxious: looked good, but the performance wasn't anything to write home about. If you remember, XtraGauges has a little XAML parser and vector renderer embedded in it -- we don't assume WPF is installed -- so that the gauges scale beautifully from small to large without pixellation. Unfortunately, the drawing speed wasn't good. Real-time displays stuttered.

Over the last 10 days Roman has woven some deep magic. The gauges' performance now rocks the house. On the demo's Zoom page, you can grab that slider and zoom the gauge from miniscule to gigantic and at every notch the gauge displays pretty much instantly. How about grabbing the slider for the value displayed by the gauge? The needle keeps up smoothly, no stuttering. These gauges are now extremely usable in a real-time dashboard.

Of course, since we last talked about XtraGauges here on the blogs, we've done an awful lot more design work too. We now have 10 styles for the gauges. Since this blog is a static medium (and besides which, seeing as it's late on the Thursday before July 4th, it's too late to get any video editing done), I'll have to show you the styles as images. We certainly enjoyed inventing the names...

Dark Night:

Dark Night

Deep Fire:

Deep Fire

Ice-Cold Zone:

Ice-Cold Zone

Gothic Mat:

Gothic Mat

Shining Dark:

Shining Dark

Africa Sunset:

Africa Sunset



Silver Blur:

Silver Blur

Pure Dark:

Pure Dark

Clean White:

Clean White

Before I go, we're doing an experiment with the XtraGauges demo that we're hoping to repeat in other demos: getting "live" data from a web service. If you're connected to the internet, the demo will get its data from a web service rather than getting it from a static database that we ship with the demo. Here's the Weather Station demo page that gets the current weather from a web service.


Next time, I'll talk about the various options you have at your disposal, apart from the styles of course.

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Nate Laff

heheh love the spinal tap reference. the skins look awesome.

good to hear about the performance! live data from a webservice is good stuff :)

3 July, 2008
Anuraag Sanwal

are the gauges also gonna be released fr ASP.NET in 2008.2 ?

3 July, 2008
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)


No, XtraGauges in v2008 vol.2 will support WinForms only. The ASP.NET version will be in a later release.

Cheers, Julian

3 July, 2008

Looks Great.

Have a Bizarre requirement on a user interface for a simulation exercise.

is there a remote possibility to Move the gauge needle to change the data in the grid.

3 July, 2008
Julio Delgado_1

I hope the ASP.NET comes in a update hopefully 8.2.1 :)

3 July, 2008
richard morris

Happy 4th guys.

4 July, 2008
Roman Kalachik (DevExpress)

The Xtragauges project is a team work. Here is a list of people who have contributed to this project

Dmitry G - implementation of many things. He is my right hand.

Boris K - performance and memory optimization. The best performance optimizer guy I ever known.

Mike A, Vasiliy B - nice design

AlexA, Falcon, Roman E, Tony, LexS - sharing experience

Thank you, guys, for the great work.

4 July, 2008
Geoff Davis

Wow, Oh yeah now we are talking... Pure excellence.

I agree with Julio. I do hope that the ASP.NET version comes out in an update and not 8.3 as I could use these right now.

Keep up the good work guys, DxExperience is going to really kick butt with this addition.

Oh yeah, Happy 4th July

4 July, 2008
Erick Sasse

Please, we need a VCL version too! :)

4 July, 2008
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)


Moving the gauge needle to alter the bound data? No, not planned. I'd have to say it's stretching the physical gauge metaphor a little too much. You could try adding a request in Support Center though.

ASP.NET version slipped into a minor update? Not very likely. Although I understand some work has been done, for marketing reasons if nothing else we'd release in a major version.

VCL version? Not on the cards for this year, I'm afraid.

Cheers, Julian

4 July, 2008
Dr. Holger Flick

This looks all just great! Pity we did not have these a couple of years ago - a lot of GUIs that show data from "big machines" in the industry would have nicer graphical user interfaces...

4 July, 2008
Vincent Cotton

I assume you will be including skinning that also matches the skins already included in your components.  Am I wrong?

6 July, 2008
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)


The styles for the gauges are meant to complement or contrast the skins delivered by the skinning engine.

Cheers, Julian

7 July, 2008
Jacob Johnston

I'm actually seconding the interactive gauges request. After showing the new gauges to management they requested dragging the needle and having some sort of draggable slider on the linear gauges. I'll put in a support center request.

8 July, 2008
Jacob Johnston

I've added the request here:

I believe DevExpress prioritizes requests by how many people are tracking the issue/bug (correct me if I'm wrong here). So if you also need to see interactivity in the gauges, please track the issue.

8 July, 2008

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