Our oldest, but very active, customer

31 July 2008

Dennis in our support team IMed me yesterday in some excitement. "We have the oldest customer!" was the message. I asked for more details. Dennis pointed me to Q180012. I'll quote:

...born April 27, 1927. I'm a veteran of 3 wars and was involved in testing atomic bomb effects on Eniwetok and the Nevada Proving Grounds. I've witnessed over 12 blasts from 15 miles away. I was a Navy Chief Petty Officer with the distinction of making chief at a younger age than any. I absolutely love programming. I knew and regularly spent time with Leslie Solomon of MITS Altair fame. In my view you folks make the finest tools in the business but they are also very learning intensive. Keeps my mind young and active I believe.

It seems that Bud may very well be our oldest customer at 81. And actively programming to boot. I raise my glass to him: that is awesome.

I'll note in passing that Dennis is one of our youngest support engineers -- I think he's still in his teens...

Mind you, it's the first time I've heard that our products have a rejuvenating effect alongside their ability to help you create state-of-the-art Windows and web applications. I'll tell you this: I'm instituting a regimen of learning something new about our products every day and maybe I'll live to be a Grand Old Man like Bud.

And before anyone says "but Julian you are already a grand OLD man", I know where you live.

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