New VCL spell checking component

07 August 2008

Alongside the new version of our VCL pivot table control, ExpressPivotGrid 2, that Ray introduced here, we are debuting our new spell checking component, ExpressSpellChecker, in the same release.

This component provides you with an uncomplicated way in which you can add Microsoft® Office® style spell checking capabilities into your next Windows® application. Features include:

  • Built-in support for Ispell and OpenOffice dictionaries.
  • The ability to check text in standard text editors as well as in DevExpress text input controls.
  • If you do use text input controls from Developer Express, words that aren't in the dictionary can be underlined.
  • The ExpressSpellChecker automatically checks spelling as you type, word by word. This is done in a separate thread without affecting the responsiveness of your UI.
  • Custom dictionary support is provided and uses a plain text format.
  • Dictionary dialogs allow end-users to add unrecognized words to a dictionary, so that they can build a custom word list as they work.
  • There is a choice of two error indication dialogs, the dialogs that allow users to correct spelling mistakes. Both replicate dialogs found in Microsoft Office:

  • Pre-built Options editor. Options include the ability to ignore emails, URLs, mixed case/upper-case words, repeated words and words with numbers within them:

  • You can force the spell checker to start scanning the text from the current cursor position or to check the current selection first.
  • Error correction can be done using a customizable built-in context menu:

  • The ExpressSpellChecker's API includes methods to spell check an arbitrary string, the content of a text editor, or the content of all text editor controls within a specified container.
  • The spell checker provides a complete set of events to allow you to manage the spell checking process - including the suppression of built-in forms, modifications to suggestion lists, skipped words, manual error processing, etc.

The Developer Express VCL spell-checking component will be available with the VCL Subscription.

[Supported compilers: Delphi 7, Delphi 2005, Delphi 2006, Delphi 2007, C++Builder 2007]

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