Change the World -- The Product is Here!

27 October 2008

After months of prototyping, development, sheer hard work and some tonsorial activities, the time has finally come to reveal our new product.

This video reveals the secrets and design behind the project.

Call now: our representatives are ready to take your order.


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Alain Bismark


great !!!

where i can buy another clon of little man?

27 October, 2008
Matthew MacSuga


27 October, 2008

I need that helmet so bad!!! hahahaha

27 October, 2008
Martin Kammann

Who's that chicken on the left? I mean the one with the FAKE bald head...

27 October, 2008
Martin Kammann

Who's that chicken on the left? I mean the one with the FAKE bald head...

27 October, 2008
Christoph Brändle

slowly i begin to loose faith in this company,

seems i must go to circus to get the tools in future?

well done guys

28 October, 2008
Robert Thomas

As we used to say in the Corps.....

Good Initiative, Bad Judgement

Although I appreciate your creativity and the pure comedy aspect of this stunt, I don't know that your seriously toned pre-release language and the fact you had people awake in at least 7 different time zones expecting an actual product was the best use of your judgement as of late.  It might have been a better idea to start out with this stunt and then at the end after Verne jumps out to actually introduce something real.  Now that would have been a memorable launch to a new product.  But leaving us with nothing at the end..... not so sure about that.

As always, will remain faithful to you DevEx guys.  I know you have the best of intentions.  Enjoy the rest of PDC.  And I'll try to lighten up in the future because I'm sure that is what you are thinking over there....  :-)

28 October, 2008
Tarik Souirji

I'm sick with flu but stayed up late just for that... I just hope that CR/R! will be released this week and so will v2008.3... and that there really is a big surprise awaiting us just round the corner.

I'm not saying it wasn't fun.... but after all this anticipation it felt more like a bad joke than an entertainment.

Regards from old Europe.

28 October, 2008

Is perfect to start my day  with a smile !


I´m waiting 2008 Vol 3 ;)

28 October, 2008

D'unh! It was quite obvious this would reveal to be a joke, with all this "change the world" thing. This certainly isn't DX first attempt at playing around and having fun, and hopefully, not their last either.

Besides, this doesn't compromise the quality of their products in any ways. Now THAT should be any real professional's first and only concern.

Don't like the humor? Okay, fine. Reconsider whole business seriousness just for that? Oh please...

28 October, 2008
Renaud Bompuis

Well made and very funny, even though I was expecting something completely different from all the noise that was made in the last few days (a new product?).

In a way, it's a nice way to get back at us: as customers we always expect the moon from you and maybe we don't appreciate enough all the good stuff being released (the last updates being shown for v8.3 look awesome).

Keep some amount of goofiness, it does give the company a friendly face.

28 October, 2008
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

My girlfriend is going to be really happy that I don't have shave my head, that's for sure.

28 October, 2008

I sooo want to be light and easy-going and rah-rah here, and held off on my post, but my gut reaction is the most telling (at least for me). I was completely surprised, annoyed and not amused by the trick/joke played on us. Many of us wasted time/energy/anticipation to be around at the appointed time.

I value my time, choose my comedy on my own terms, and am very disappointed in the judgement shown in this regard. Many of us who do not visit conferences are already cognizant of the time, energy and resources required for these events, which some feel takes away from full effort on client requests, and to see this as wasteful.. well you get the idea.

I am all for fun, anyone who knows me knows that i am seldom that serious, but i do take my professional time seriously and in my opinion, this was not prudent, especially, as already mentioned, nothing of substance was actually revealed.

There. done. back to regularly-scheduled work effort.

Unlike many other posts: stay light, happy and real, but leave the comedy to others.. and do what you do best.

28 October, 2008
Alain Bismark


Just relax, and take it easy.

Was just a joke.


28 October, 2008

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