DXperience v2008 vol 3: What's New is now live

31 October 2008

OK, there I was writing about the new features in DXperience v2008 vol 3, and I needed to find out about a particular one. So I nipped into the next room to ask Andrew about it, and he said, duh, the What's New has just been uploaded to the main website and I can read about it there.

Heh! So, if you want to know about the new features in DXperience v2008 vol 3, go here.

A quick note: we just released beta 1 of v2008 vol 3. We will release at least another beta and most probably a Release Candidate (RC) over the next two or three weeks. The main reason for this is that the new WinForms Rich Text editor wasn't quite ready and we didn't want to delay the first beta any more. So, in the next beta you'll be getting some bug fixes and also the beta for XtraRichTextEdit.

This new component (of which you'll be seeing more information over the near future) is going to remain in beta until v2009 vol 1. It will have a Go Live license, so if you want to use it in your production apps before then, you can. However I would point out that the reason we're not moving it out of beta yet is that we want our customers to bash at it and use it in earnest in order to tease out any remaining bugs it may have (OK, OK, that it will have Smile). We're extremely pleased with it and its architecture (and if you were at PDC you'll have seen a demo of the Silverlight version) and it's very stable and performant. Check it out in the next beta.

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31 October, 2008

So glad to read this news... thank you so much guys... really very awesome features... thank you for incorporate the popup alert control (previously requested by me and other guy).

Anyway.. waiting the RTM release.

31 October, 2008

I have not heard such a good news recently, I completely agree with Cesar, Looking forward to hearinf RTM:) great stuff, thanks a log guys.. u do always great job..

31 October, 2008
Mohamed Zayani


I can not see any reference to XAF Domain Components.

1 November, 2008
Salman Khalid


If i may ask, when will a setup for this be availble? From what i can tell, only v2.6 is available on the site as of now.

1 November, 2008
Dave Haas

Will the RTF control support tables? I don't see any table examples in the screenshots.

2 November, 2008
Andreas Grabmüller

If you have a subscription, it's available in the Client Center under Current Downloads.

3 November, 2008
T Schoute

Very great new features indeed, but I was hoping that gantt view support was added to the XtraScheduler by now as mentioned in your 2008 roadmap:


Or is a vol 4 perhaps in the works?

3 November, 2008
Sebastia Prat i Pons


In some support posts I saw that in this version we'll find some performance improvements, specially in Web, may you detail it please?



4 November, 2008
Alexander Seel

Can you announce a release date for the beta 2?

Thanks in advance

17 November, 2008

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