DXperience and Delphi Prism

19 November 2008

Back at PDC2008, Embarcadero announced Delphi Prism, which is essentially Delphi in Visual Studio. You can read more about it here.

Jim McKeeth grabbed me at the show, and asked me about what DevExpress were going to be doing for Delphi Prism. And he videoed it for posterity too so I couldn't weasel out of anything I said. You can watch it here.

The story is that we shall be supporting Delphi Prism with DXperience and we're evaluating what we need to do to make that work. As it happens: not very much -- it installs just fine and, on first blush, seems to work just fine. There are more exhaustive tests to complete, obviously.

In other, related, news, I shall be talking at Embarcadero's CodeRage III online conference (I've been given the Monday, December 1 at 11:15am-12:15pm PT slot, an amuse-bouche before lunch). I'll be talking about using DXperience in Delphi Prism, tips and tricks. The session is pre-recorded, hence, for the next couple of days, I'll be using most of our controls in Prism and recording my findings with Camtasia for the session. So far, my conclusion is: Delphi 8 this certainly isn't.

Stay tuned.

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Ralf Grenzing

This a good news!!! Thanks for sharing.

19 November, 2008
Christoph Brändle

that is really cool

when will there be a statement about the future wpf components from devExpress?

the major competitors are out with whole suites, i bought them already (stunning stuff!),

but what about devExpress?

19 November, 2008
Rick Bartlett

What is meant by "Microsoft Visual Studio based IDE" Does it integrate into Visual Studio 2008?

19 November, 2008
Nick Hodges

Rick --

Yes, Delphi Prism integrates into Visual Studio 2008, and thus gives you full designer support for all the .Net 3.5 stuff.

Nick Hodges

Delphi Product Manager

19 November, 2008

I wrote an optimistic blog post right after PDC about DXperience and Delphi Prism, intimating that it

4 December, 2008
Ralph Hall

Any updates on PRism support?

2 November, 2009

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