DXperience and Windows 7

05 January 2009

This afternoon, I did a quick running repair on my old laptop, and to celebrate I installed Visual Studio and then DXperience onto it. No real news there you might think, except that the laptop is my test machine for Windows 7, at least the version attendees were given at PDC last October. Up to now I've been exploring the new Windows 7 features, so this was something new to play with.

There you go. You heard it here first: DXperience works just fine in pre-beta Windows 7, and I have no real doubt it'll work just fine in the beta Windows 7 that seems to have been leaked before it was released. I've been going through the demos for both WinForms and ASP.NET for about an hour with nary a problem. Ditto my quick foray into WPF and Silverlight. If you want me to try some feature of some control out in particular, let me know.

So, you see there was no real news Smile. Move along, nothing to see here...

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