Denver: Come on down!

08 January 2009

Nate Laff, on reading my previous post, told me that the same event will be held in Denver the very next day.

So your intrepid DevExpress CTO will be making the trek north through the suburban wilderness that is Castle Rock Smile to go to exactly the same presentation. Bravery like this, suffering the Microsoft mind meld twice in succession, can only be rewarded with a pint at a local hostelry, so he'll be standing drinks at the Rock Bottom Brewery at the Park Meadows Mall afterwards, a couple of miles south.

So see you there, Denverites. Come and see and learn all about the new stuff Microsoft talked about at PDC last year. I'd love to meet you and chat afterwards. I'll be the one in the white shirt with the stitched DevExpress logo (it took me hours).

Rock Bottom Brewery
9627 E. County Line Road
South Denver, CO 80112

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Nate Laff

YAY! We'll have some beers, too!

8 January, 2009
Michael Reith


I'll be there! Thanks,


8 January, 2009
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

According to Yahoo! Maps, it's only another 23 hours and ~1550 miles to my neck of the woods. Just mentioning it in case you'd like to knock back a beer with another one of your customers.

9 January, 2009
Keith Puckett

I'll be there!

BTW how do we get one of those Cool DevExpress shirts?

I need something to spill my Brew on.

10 January, 2009

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