News about reporting for WinForms, ASP.NET and (cough) WPF (cough)

20 January 2009

We’ve just had the presentation from the XtraReports team about what they’ve been doing and what they have planned for v2009 vol 1 and later.

For v2009 vol 1, the team has been hammering out a lot of minutiae. We’ve been concentrating on the fit and polish of the product a great deal, addressing weaknesses, increasing quality and stability. We’ve completed a few suggestions as well, but there won’t be any big features.

However, once that’s out the door, the team are going to be designing and implementing a WPF printing library, the precursor to a reporting suite. This will enable us to provide printing for our growing portfolio of WPF products, including, of course, the grid.

Later on, we’ll also be doing things like mail merge, using our WinForms Rich Text Editor.

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Kai Bøhli

Like Obama, WPF (cough) is a fresh opertunity to start over again. Don't spend any time more on the old obsolete foreign policy (VCL), but focus on the new great stuff from Redmond. Yes we can !

20 January, 2009

Any there any plans for any integration of your printing and Reports libraries into Silverlight?

21 January, 2009
Christoph Brändle

WPF Printing Library, sounds good,

My favourite Reporting Tool (Sti.......) they bring in March a WPF version. But of course I'd like to see devExpress delivers WPF reporting as well, is there a plan for the Reports?

21 January, 2009
Daniel Rieck

You should have that cough checked out :)

21 January, 2009
Dave Frank

They better spend time on VCL.  Few businesses I deal with have all new beefed up computers that can handle an all WPF application.  

21 January, 2009

Currently we have a set of nascent products for WPF, the majority in beta: the grid, the navigation bar

21 January, 2009
Samir Sood

We have a Desktop application in .Net in which .repx reports are used. Can I use these reports in Web application or any dataset of these reports ?

20 March, 2009
Tomas M.

Line thickness when exported to pdf is unpredictable. Please fix this, before you add any new feature, because all reports looks ugly.

11 June, 2009

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