Contemplating the WinForms and ASP.NET pivot grids

22 January 2009

The pivot grid controls are done by a small team on its own and so they were reported and discussed separately at the summit.

For v2009 vol 1, like all of our other products, a lot of effort has gone into fit and finish, implementing user suggestions and TBDs. Some examples of what will appear:

  • ASPxPivotGrid: Added a FilterControl like the one in XtraPivotGrid
  • ASPxPivotGrid: Improved the layout of the row area headers:

New row header layout

  • XtraPivotGrid: Added word wrap support for the row area headers (matching the web version!):


For later on in the year, we’re looking at providing some major ticket items. The first one, probably for v2009 vol 2, is emulating some of Excel 2007’s features:

  • Creating a new filter popup:


  • Adding the ability to have a more compact form for the pivot grid:

From this:  image  to this: image

  • Adding a customization form:


And, finally, for later in the year, a WPF version and some printing improvements.

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Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Excel 2007, nice Cool

22 January, 2009
Przemyslaw Wlodarczak

Compact views - very cool :)

Are there any improvements to data editing planned as well? Data editing suffers from serious drawbacks and has poor UX now.

23 January, 2009

2 Przemyslaw: Yes, some of suggestions will be addressed in the 9.1. Most of the events you've requested.

23 January, 2009
Arturo Martínez

Any chances to have these improvements on our VCL side of life? We feel kind of left apart, you know...

23 January, 2009
Bassam Abdelaal

Hello, Filters are great but it would be really really great if it works also in OLAP mode, we have been waiting for nearly a year now for the pivot grid to support this kind of Excel 2007 filtering on OLAP for both dimension members and measures which appears here as Label Filters and Value Filters , this control is the main reason to get our attention to DevExpress which where we discovered many other great controls, I mean this is a very important control in your arsenal and I think OLAP mode is not getting much attention from you, We are sure if you mimics Excel 2007 's OLAP features in the PivotGrid it will be a major driving force for component purchase by many developers because there are not many good ones out there. We are really eager to move our company users from current Excel 2007 on OLAP to the PivotGrid to have all access to BI from inside the application,

Pleassssssse implement those features you listed here in OLAP also.

Thank you


24 January, 2009
Przemyslaw Wlodarczak

@IvanN: Can't wait 9.1 then :-)

Keep up good work guys

26 January, 2009
Julius Jackson

Whoa, whoa, whoa... DevExpress's Pivot Grid... for *WPF*!? (I'm making sure no one misses that one.)

27 January, 2009
Fabrizio Rodono

Hello, I'm waiting for Excel 2007 AND Olap enanchements to buy the entire suite. I'would like also to ask if is't possible to implement the following features:

1) Support for writeback in Olap Analysis Services Cubes  

2) Dimensions and Member Selection filtering before view rendering of the Olap Cube, so that the final user is allowed to view and filter only a subset of dimensions and members of the dimensions.

My compliments for your work; this one is one of the best suite of components I've ever seen.

Looking forward..

27 January, 2009
C. Axtell

First of all, this is a great control (using 7.3 version).


It would be nice to allow the user to add "deltas" or "nets" based on cell groupings.

Like the example above, it would be nice to generate a column that would represent the delta from 2004-2005.  If there were a FY 2006 column, then another delta for 2005-2006.  Etc..  

Lots of vendors like to trend their data volumes in this manner.  Grand totals are nice, but generally much less meaningful than the change from point to point.  Graphs are nice too, but the raw numbers are easier to utilize.

I suppose one could implement this manually on top of the grid, but would be nice if it were built-in.

One could pull this into Excel too, I suppose.   But that's an extra step for the user.

30 January, 2009
David McClelland

The Excel 2007-style filter options would be fantastic - will they work in OLAP mode?  It's been very disappointing that the PreFilters don't work when the pivot grid is connected to an OLAP datasource.

11 March, 2009
Thomas Knorst

A WPF version will be excellent!

Does that mean there will be a Silverlight version as well?

4 June, 2009
Ray Lauro

Any news when can this be implemented.  Pivot grid are critical for showing enterprise data and business intelligence.  I think this feature should take priority over captcha's or any small enhancement on a control.  This will cater to a lot of enterprise level applications.

11 March, 2010

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