Contemplating the WinForms and ASP.NET pivot grids

22 January 2009

The pivot grid controls are done by a small team on its own and so they were reported and discussed separately at the summit.

For v2009 vol 1, like all of our other products, a lot of effort has gone into fit and finish, implementing user suggestions and TBDs. Some examples of what will appear:

  • ASPxPivotGrid: Added a FilterControl like the one in XtraPivotGrid
  • ASPxPivotGrid: Improved the layout of the row area headers:

New row header layout

  • XtraPivotGrid: Added word wrap support for the row area headers (matching the web version!):


For later on in the year, we’re looking at providing some major ticket items. The first one, probably for v2009 vol 2, is emulating some of Excel 2007’s features:

  • Creating a new filter popup:


  • Adding the ability to have a more compact form for the pivot grid:

From this:  image  to this: image

  • Adding a customization form:


And, finally, for later in the year, a WPF version and some printing improvements.

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