The helmet idea for controlling your PC gains pace

12 February 2009

Back in October last year, at PDC 2008 in LA, we revealed to the world the secret work we'd been feverishly doing in our labs that resulted in the DXHelmet. To remind you about this technological breakthrough, you really should view the video again.


We were obviously thinking more about our customers than the consumer world at large since we were so enchanted with making it work with Visual Studio to allow you to more easily write, manipulate, and refactor code that we didn't even consider that it could be used for something like, oh I don't know, but let's just say, gaming. For example.

Well, it seems someone else took our ideas from the video and cleaned up the hardware a bit (well, we are better known for software) and now we're slapping ourselves upside the head for not thinking of the wider applicability of the underlying concept. We must have revealed more about the design in the video than we imagined.

Take a look at this article from the Discovery Channel that talks about the concept, and then this video of a report on ABC News about it.


Never let it be said that DevExpress is not on the cutting edge of technology. Heck, we were first! It's just we obviously think too much about writing great controls, frameworks, and tools for developers like you, than to coin it in the gaming market.

Hmm. Er, Ray?

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Tim Mostad
Tim Mostad

How *did* they shrink Vern Troyer to the atomic level? That truly IS amazing technology. Now when they finally figure out how to clone "micro-me" they'll be ready for the mass market... I can hardly wait!

16 February 2009

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