Previewing v2009 vol 1: Demo Center

25 February 2009

We're going to be talking about what's coming up in v2009 vol 1 over the next few days (hint: that means the beta is almost ready Smile), but I thought I'd throw in a quick screenshot of the new, refreshed Demo Center. If you've used our products for a while or you're new to DevExpress, Demo Center is run immediately after installing DXperience, so you're probably used to seeing the old version. It's a great way to explore what's new and the various features of our products.

Here's the new DemoCenter:


Note the new links to our training videos and our online documentation to help you get up to speed really quickly.

Neat, eh?

Right, he says, rolling up his sleeves, now to do some posts about what's new.

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Geoff Davis

Hi Julian,

Looks neat and very much looking forward to the new beta but I was wondering why your not making the window resizable? Assuming that the content in the right is HTML and the menu on the left could be filled with many items wouldn't it make more sense? afterall layout is your forte!

25 February, 2009
Nate Laff

Ooooh that is beautimus.

25 February, 2009
Matthew Roberts

Wow.. I am on the edge of my seat waiting in eager anticipation. I am very keen for more WPF tools - can't wait!!

25 February, 2009

I think that background should be a new skin for DXp! :)  Kewl! :)

25 February, 2009
Chris W Walsh

It looks WPF-ish, very nice!

25 February, 2009

Hi Julian,

Very pretty and useful!

A small suggestion...

Can we move the demo databases from Access into something that can be run on a 64 bit OS?

25 February, 2009
Julien Ferraro


The bar on the left and (even more) the transparent tabs make me think it's actual WPF.

If not why make another version ?

Julian, am I right ?


25 February, 2009
Ramy Othman

I am looking forward for this version :)

When are you expecting to release it?

26 February, 2009

Is it actually WPF, or clever win forms?

26 February, 2009
Kashif waheed

I believe XtraRichEdit is not beta in 2009.1...

26 February, 2009
Geoff Davis

Hi Gemma,

Yeah I think that is a typo as i've just received comfirmation that the XtraRichEdit is implemented and will be available on the next release.

27 February, 2009
Greffith Ponce

I hope I can still get 9.1 within my subscription period. If not, I will be forced to find dollars to renew it.

4 March, 2009

where download ? I want try it . that is so great .

6 March, 2009

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