Previewing v2009 vol 1: pivot grid for ASP.NET

03 March 2009

These are the new features for ASPxPivotGrid, out pivot table for web development.

Advanced Filter Editor

We've extended the ability to build complex filter expressions in our pivot grid, the same functionality that's present in most of our data analysis controls. Now your end-users can take advantage of the pivot grid’s embedded filter editor – Prefilter – and construct complex filter criteria with an unlimited number of filter conditions combined by any logical operators.

Prefilter in ASP.NET pivot control 

We've also added the ability to replace the default text that represents the filter expression currently applied with a custom description. All you need is to handle the specially designed server-side event.

Improved Row Header Alignment

Field headers displayed within the Row Header Area are now aligned to the corresponding field values. (The top image below is how it looked in previous versions, the bottom image shows the new improved look.)

Row header alignment in ASP.NET pivot table

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